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Marble Granite and Terrazzo

Janatti are the leading stone masonry specailist in London and the South east, with a great reputation and years of experience Janatti can accomplish any tiling/stone masonry contract with great results and on time.
Janatti  are in constant demand from architects, designers, main contractors and public alike, and offer the same high quality service no matter the size of your contract budget. Our tradesmen are highly skilled artizans, and guarantee our works no matter how simple or complicated your request is.
Sectors of work:
Leisure, Transportation, Hotels,Nighclubs/Casino's, Residential, Commercial, Government, Retail,Churches Refurbishment/ Restoration.
Janatti has the very best in stone cutting and polishing machines to produce large amout of finsihed products.

Previous Contracts

Please click the Below contract titles for a description of works followed by images of completed contracts by Janatti.
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External Cladding, Internal Floors


International House and surrounding Buildings
New flooring installed, counter tops, vanity units, desk and tables


New flooring installed,  Floor Repolished, Staircase installed


New flooring maufactured, designed and installed.
300m2 Outside Paving manufactured and installed including entrance steps and risers.


550m2 flooring repolished, 2 staircases repolished and repaired.


Refurbishment and new terrazzo laid and polished.


Refurbishment and refixing.


Previous Panels removed which were damaged new panels were manufactured and installed


Outside Cladding to 5th floor to Office Block using 40mm thick material.


Floors and walls installed internally and paving to front lobby.


New Walls, Floors and Staircases installed.


New floors, walls, vanity units and toilets installed.


New floors, walls and staircase installed.


New floors, walls, columns and staircases installed.


New walls and floors installed.

New floors installed, bar tops and tables installed.


Phase 1-Works Included installing 600x600 honed granite tiles (supplied by others) to main reception area (300m2) and six W.Cs. Repairs to walls also carried out.
Phase 2-Works included supplying, manufacturing and installing 600x 600 white carrara slabs to wall cladding and flooring. Works also include floor preparation installing plywood sheets to flooring area.


Works included manufacturing and installing limestone and granite to different areas in building.


Numerous Works Completed Click title for more details.


Works included templating, manufacturing and installing Red Travertine to entire staircase.


Works inlcuded supplying sand and cement for bedding of stones, installing of stones and on site polishing. Steps were created on site with the use of a wet saw and risers were also cut down to size, holes were drilled into the risers to allow for lighting.


Phase 1- To screed all floors, ready for tiling.
Phase2-Supply and install composite stone tiles to reception area.(30m2)
Phase3-Supply and install composite stone tiles to main floor area.(80m2)
Phase4-Repolish entire flooring of new and old. (300m2)


Works include floor prep and installation of 120m2 of plywood and to supply and install 120m2 of Jura Limestone. Ceramic tiles also supplied and installed for basement area (50m2).


Janatti carried out numerous contracts to external and internal areas of the new suites


Supply and Install 180M2 of porcelain Planks to main floor and entrance.  Slate tiling to bathrooms and toilet areas 60M2. Composite stone counters manufactured and installed to waiter station


Floor Prep, Limestone tiling to floor, Bar tops,  Ramps and walls all in limestone.


Tiling to 7 toilet floors with skirting. Slate cladding to external entrance.


Refurbishment of 10 bathrooms. Marble was repolished and ceramics were chemically cleaned. 7 new slate fireplace hearths were templated, manufactured and installed to the suites.


Works- 170m2 Porcelain tiling to reception floor and toilet areas. 30m2 Screed, 48m2 pyrock boarding.


300m2 Creme Marfil Antique paving to entrace foyer, living room, dining room and walkwasys. 60m2 Travertine 600 x 400 tiling to kitchen floor, second walkway areas, downstair bathrooms. 40m2 Travertine Mosaic tiling to shower room (walls and floors) including woodwork to create walls and sub floor. 40m2 White limestone to main bathroom also including creating entire new floor and walls through wood work. Granite Worktops to kitchen and Bar Area, Granite Vanity tops to main bathroom, White limestone Sink, Fireplace hearths installed.


Manufacture and install 300m2 Granite paving to driveway and walkways.


Works include- Supply and install 90m2 Plywood to floors ready for tiling. Supply and install 90m2 Composite stone flooing to main reception. Manufacture and install 100m2 Jura limestone paving and wall cladding to toilets. Manufacture black granite Vanity units and Urinal Dividers


Works include- Manufacture and install 100m2 of 8mm thick polished slate tiles. Latex all floors prior to tiling. Manufacture and install 10 slate treads to staircases in 20mm thick material.  Manufacture and install Flame-Textured Slate to external areas.


Works Include ,floor prep,installation of plywood to all floors prior to porcelain tiling. 6th,7th and 13th floors (22 toilets in total)tiled . All tiled with porcelain tiles. Rooms were finished with a porcelain skirting.


Works Include- Latexing to all toilet floors ready for tiling. Porcelain tiling to all floors (545m2 in total) ceramic wall tiling to all toilet cores (395m2). Ten Granite Vanity tops manufactured and install to all toilet cores.
 Main lift lobby- Latexing to floor to achieve correct levels . Beige Limestone installed in brick pattern with marble border and ramps.
Limestone Wall cladding to lift surrounds and all walls in lift lobby with slate inserts. Jmgt undertook full design of wall cladding.
  1ST Floor-145 m2 of ceramic tiling to existing toilets.


Works Include- 120m2 screeding to floors prior to tiling to achieve correct levels. 120m2 Porcelain 1200 x 600 tiles to toilet cores. 150mm High skirting manufactured from tiles. 30m2 300x 300 porcelain tiling to vanity room floors. 70m2 Brick pattern Mosaics to walls. 100m2 mosaic tiling to toilet walls. 140m2 ceramic tiling to kitchen. 40m2 screeding to kitchen area to achieve levels. 40m2 Pyrock boarding to toilet cubicles. 80m2 Glass 100x100 tiles to vanity room walls.


The atrium external contracted consisted of designing a new anti slip method to stop people slipping in wet weather conditions. there was 800m2 limestone paving which in wet weather became very slippery and dangerous. Jmgt deisnged a cost effective method using a bush hammering technique to chisel away the face of the stone and add  more ruffness and grip to stone.


Works include- Manufacture and install 565m2 Flame textured Granite paving to external areas. Manufacture and install 600Lm Black Granite low level cladding to the entire building.


Works Include-Manufacture and install 270m2 Limestone paving to 5th floor (900X600X30mm thick). Install limestone cladding to wall to match with floor. Supply and install 600m2 flexible membrane prior to tiling. Manufacture and install 320m2 limestone paving to 4th floor. Manufacture and Install 30m2 unfilled travertine (900x150x20mm thick) to reception feature wall. Manufacture and install 40m2 Jura Limestone (900X 450X 30m thick) cladding to reception wall. Manufacture and install 6 Reception desks tops in Marble.  Ceramic floor tiling (50m2) to different kitchen areas


2008/2009 Works include-extensive cleaning throughout reception, New Flooring installed, new walls installed. Repairs to existing stonework throughout reception.

2010/2011 restoration works carried out to numerous areas of reception flooring



Works include installation of sound proof membrane, waterproof membrane and latex to all bathroom floors prior to tiling. Supply and install 1200 x 600 tiles to master bathroom, 600 x 600 to ensuite bathrooms (3 in total), 450 x 450 to toilet and shower room floors.
  Bespoke mirabelle limestone panels manufactured and install to three bathrooms to walls and vanity units with thassos inlays.French limestone imported and manufactured to required sizes for master bathroom walls and toilet and shower room. Bath surrounds and cistern tops manufactured in 30mm thick mirabelle limestone. Vanity top and splashback in statuary marble manufactured and installed in small bathroom. Bookmatched nero-portoro walls and flooring installed to rooftop bathroom


Works include, floor prepartion, flexible membrane throughtout, porcelain tiling to floors 1-5, 300m2 marble flooring installed to 6th and 7th floors. Composite tiling to Shower rooms (100m2), 100m2 marble wall cladding to 6th floor.


4 bathrooms completed in luxury apartment in London, Polished thasssos installed,honed thassos installed, Nero Marquina installed


Works include latexing to floors prior to tiling, supply and install 35m2 porcelain tiles to floor. Supply and install 45m2 pearl effect ceramic tiles to shower area. Supply and install 25m2 blue marble pebble tiles to window feature walls.


520M2 bookmatched statuary marble manufactured and installed, 100m2 marble pebble tiles installed. 2 reception desks and tables manufactured and installed.


Works Included-Manufacture and install 68 Slate structural Window sills to main house and 2nd house, 4 vanity tops manufactured and installed in Zodiac Stone. 40mm Vratza Kitchen Worktops manufactured and installed. 1 90mm thick Basaltina Fireplace and seating area manufactured and installed. Lowlevel slate cladding to swimming pool area, and 2nd house. Manufacture and install 45mm thick bush Hammered Basaltina Thresholds to main house. Manufatured and install bespoke 20mm thick honed Carrera to kitchen Larder.Manufacture and install 40m2 slate strips to master bathroom walls


Works Include- Manufacture and install 200m2 composite stone wall cladding


Works include tiling to 67 new build properties. Install ceramic tiles to New Build Properties.2650m2 wall tiling to properties. 500m2 floor tiling.


Works include supply and install 120m2 thalia limestone flooring to main entrance and walkways. supply and install 1 portland stone step to main entrance. 75m2 Creme marfil tiling to basement toilets. Bookmatched flooring to basement corridor. 5 limestone vanity units manufactured and installed.


High profile reception fit-out to entrance of luxury apartments in the heart of London. Works include removal of stonework,removal of existing ceilings, install new ceilings,flooring,skirtings, lift surrounds,reception desk, mirrors and new stonework installed and existing stonework repaired and repolished etc.


Works include,installation of ditra matting throughout kitchen and walkways and 1st floor master bathroom. Manufacture and install 68m2 Bookmatched Calcutta Oro slabs to kitchen floor and walkways to ground floor. Manufacture and install Light Emperador Fireplace to main living room. Install 38m2 Dark Emperador tiles to Master bathroom. Bath top and vanity unit manufactured and installed in dark Emperador. Manufacture and install Super Black granite worktops to kitchen. Mosaic tiling to indoor swimming pool, installation of 70m2 white porcelain tiles to pool area and 30lm anti slip porcelain tiles to pool edging.


Works include manufacture,install and polish 135m2 terrazzo paving.Manufacture and install 240lm Precast Terrazzo Skiting. Manufacture and install 56 Precast Terrazzo treads to two staircases to match existing styles. Repolish and repair 2000m2 Terrazzo walls and floors. 350m2 Marble walls repaired and repolished. Entire Coffee Bar area heavily cleaned,repaired and sealed.


The Dorchester Hotel Main Reception

Works include templating,manufacturing and installing 70m2 Calacatta Oro Hexagonal slabs to different areas in the main reception 42m2 belgian black marble manufcatured and installed to form borders and inalys. All old flooring was  removed by Janatti. External Terrazzo steps were repolished and new non slips were manufactured and installed.


Wilmington (Private)

Works include- Complete groundworks to entire Drive way and walkways to house prior to stone installation. Installation of 360m2 flame textured sandstone to entire driveway,including 6pre fabricated circles. Installation of channel drains and stone walls to driveway.


Ceramic tiling to floors and Walls in various properties.


Manufacture and install 300m2 Creme Marfil cladding,manufacture and install 300m2 creme Marfil flooring to 8th floor. Supply and install 300m2 ceramic tiles to high profile bathrooms on 8th floor,manufacture and install 2 Zodiac Stone Vanity Units, Manufacture and install 60m2 Azul Monaca to main reception flooring with Creme luna border.


Porcelain tiling to 6 bathrooms (walls and floors)in main house, slate tiling to student kitchen area and corridor. Marble tiling to three bathrooms in east wing of the house, Black granite worktops manufactured and installed to kitchen in mainhouse, Porcelain tiling to swimming pool area with mosaics installed to pool floor and walls.


B.I.B Guilford

Works inlclude manufacture and install 165m2 marble flooring throughout main reception. Water-jet cut design to centre of reception and waterjet cut lift carts


Northern Rock Bank Enfield

Works include-full design to external cladding. Manufacture and install 30mm thick polished Bon Accord granite to form new shopfront in enfield town. Stallrisers,columns and main cladding all designed by Janatti. 

Works completed in 4 weeks


Full design of structural Steel Work, supply and installation of 200m2 metal work and boarding prior to cladding, Manufacture and install 200m2 40mm Balzac Limestone.



Brompton Road Chelsea (private)

Works inlcude manufacture and install 70m2 75mm thick york stone paving to driveway and main steps. Manufacture and install 60lm 50mm thick yorkstone coping stones to driveway and rear garden. Manufacture and install 3 50mm thick york stone staircases (46 treads 1200x320 and risers 1200x110 in total) to driveway and rear garden. Manufacture and install 40m2 50mm thick yorkstone to rear garden patios. Manufacture and install 10m2 50m2 1000 x 1000 yorkstone paving to basement floors-this area was installed using a floating floor mechanism due to drainage and access.


Works include, supply and install 600m2 Ditra Matting prior to stone installation, manufacure and supply 250m2 Classico Travertine 600x600 tiles to church floor, manufacture and install 250m2 Walnut Travertine 600x600 tiles to church floor,manufacture and install 100lm Walnut Travertine steps. Design,manufacture and install stainless steel brackets for pews.





Works include-supply and install 600m2 ditra matting prior to tiling. Manufacture and install 600m2 polished botticino Fiorito 600x400x20 tiles in luxury house. Manufacture and install Botticino Fiorito Treads and risers to stiarcase from basement to 1st floor.Manufacture and install 600l Mm Botticino Fiorito Skirtings. 

Works in  progress (BASEMENT,STAIRCASE)


Works lnclude,restoration of existing marble columns, manufacture and install 5 new marble columns, manufacture and install 20lm limestone window-sills. Manufacture and install new marble soffits,manufacture and install honed granite stallrisers to exterior.

Manufacture and install 40lm Black granite bar top. Manufacture and install 28lm black granite drinks upstand. Manufacture and install 12 carrera tiles to main flooring, manufacture and install new laminated marble flooring (Belgian black marble,Thassos, rosso levanto). Small isolated repairs carried out to flooring. Flooring restored to former beauty.


Works include-installation of 450m2 300 x 300 purbeck stone to flooring.Installation of 700lm purbeck stone border. Installation of 100m2 450 x 450 purbeck stone to alter. Installation of 100lm purbeck stone treads and risers to alter area. All works installed using a specialist lime based adheshive and grout.


20mm thick Capri limestone manufactured and installed from slabs to floor(612x812),walls(656x910) and skirting. Manufacture and install 200mm thick solid vanity unit,hand carved sink (400kg in weight). Solid bath top and shelves manufactured and installed.


Bathroom package
Works include manufacture and install 158 kashmir white granite vanity units with splashbacks,shelves,soap dish holder to showers and thresholds to every bathroom in the hotel. Vanity tops feature polished bowls,soap holder and detailed bespoke edge finish. 
Clubroom package
Manufacture and install 45m2 1000x600 kashmir white granite to entrance lobby floor (brick pattern style, with bespoke radius to flooring). Manufacture and install 20mm thick salome cladding to fireplace in main reception and main doorway to lift areas. Manufacture and install bespoke Kashmir white granite coffee bar top.
Cladding Package
Manufacture and install 20mm thick salome marble to lift portals on every floor-2 portals per floor(floors 2-10). Manufacture and install large salome cladding to ground floor lift walls.
Self Check In reception desks
Manufacture and install salome marble to 3 bespoke designed check in desks, desks consits of 3 sides clad with salome marble with stainless steel inays



Bespoke marble tiling to bathrooms and hallway and entrance, porcelain tiling to kitchen,garden room and bathrooms. Terrazzo flooring and skirtings to double garage.


Works include-Manufacture and install 30m2 flooring comprising of honed white carrera and honed verde jade cut from 20mm slabs and milled down to 9mm thick -bespoke pattern to match existing
Manufacture and install 60m2 polished carrera wall tiling, manufacture and install 35m2 polished verde jade wall tiling,manufacture and install 80lm polished red verona skirting and border. Clean and repair existing flooring. Numerous repairs to wall tiling in gents toilet including 3 new walls tiled as new doorways were created. Template, manufacture and install 8 white carrera pattern floor tiles to reception area


Works include. Supply and install 530m2 of porcelain tiles to walls in all guest bathrooms, Supply and install 130m2 ditra matting prior to 130m2 porcelain floor tiling in bathrooms. Supply and install 80m2 100x100 white ceramics to staff wash room areas. Supply and install silestone vanity tops with aprons to 10 bathrooms.Manufacture and install large porcelain tiles to 20 bathrooms

Works include

stone tiling to three bathrooms, 3 stone staircases manufactured and installed, 170m2 stone flooring installed. Quartz kitchen worktops installed


Works include

  • Supply and install ditra matting to 380m2 floor prior to granite installation.
  • Manufacture and install 380m2 honed black granite to ground floor and 3rd floor.
  • Manufacture and install 200lm honed black granite skirtings.
  • Suppy and install 100m2 porcelain tiles to toilet cores.
  • Supply and install plywood to floors prior to granite installation.
  • 60m2 bespoke slate cladding to lift walls.
  • Granite tiling to lift carts
  • Granite steps and ramps manufactured and installed.


Works inlcude-manufacture and install 70m2 of crema luna 600x300 flooring with 120lm skirting. Manufacture and install 25m2 ceramic tiling to bathroom and kitchen area

Works include latex to bathroom and shower floors prior to tiling, installation of 270m2 of ditra matting prior to floor tiling. Installation of porcelain tiles to 26 luxury bathrooms.
Manufacture and install 20mm thick pietra serena staircase (ground to 6th floor)  landings and entrance lobby. Manufacture and install 30m2 quartz cladding to entrance of main building.
Works in progress


Manufacture and install 6 silestone worktops to 6 apartments. Supply and install 40m2 ditra matting prior to floor installation. Supply and install 100m2 600x600 porcelain tiles to bathroom and ensuite floors and walls to dado height. Supply and install 70m2 50x50 porcelain mosaic to bathroom and ensuite walls above dado feature.


Works include

Installation of 80m2 ditra matting prior to tiling.
Installation of 80m2 large format pre cast terrazzo floor tiles (1500x800) to gallery entrance. Flooring repolished and sealed with stain stop sealer.


Works include

Manufacture and install 80m2 10mm thick 400x400 chida white granite tiles with 100x100 savannah green granite inlays to entrance floor, lift lobby and corridor. Manufacture and install 400x300 savannah green granite tiles to entrance and borders to flooring, all tiles installed on sand and cement. Chemically clean and repair existing marble walls(400m2). Alterations to wall cladding under taken by Janatti, new doorways and ceilings created, existing marble was carefully removed and taken away to be altered. 
Works in progress 


Private Residence (kent)

Works include
Supply and install 200m2 ditra matting prior to tiling
Installation of 200m2 of natural stone to pool paving area (stone supplied by client).200m2 tiling to pool area, installation of stone cappings to pool. Manufacture and install granite bar

Supply and install bisazza mosaics to master bathroom and children's ensuite walls. Supply and install 600x600 porcelain tiles to children's floors. Supply and install  600 x 300 tiles to guest bathrooms.


Package includes

1400m2 porcelain tiling to 64 bathrooms in apartments and two mews house

300m2 book-matched marble feature walls to bathrooms and shower rooms

Vanity units to all bathrooms and cloakrooms

200m2 Yorkstone paving to courtyards and lightwell areas including 4

Porcelain tiling to mews house garages, plant rooms

150m2 bespoke made mosaics to main entrance floors with marble borders and steps

100M2 sawn cut travertine paving to rooftop terraces

80M2 Riven slate tiling to balconies
64 silver Travertine fireplaces and shelves installed to apartments

Works in progress


Midcity Place Holborn

Package includes

Installation of ditra mating prior to floor tiling (400m2)
Porcelain floor tiling (400m2)and matching skirting's to toilet cores level
Bespoke Marble feature walls (200m2)
Porcelain mosaic wall
tiling to vanity walls and disabled cubicles
30mm thick Granite vanity tops
to all bathrooms 
Replacement honed black granite paving to entrance foyer.
Works In Progress


Allen Hall Church Kensington

Package include

Supply and install 260m2 lime base screed to flooring
prior to stone installation
Supply lime based adhesive and grouts prior to
stone installation
Install 260m2 20mm thick Purbeck stone flooring
Install 30lm 40mm
thick Purbeck stone steps
Installation of 18 manhole covers


30 Coleman Street

Package includes

  • Manufacture and install 120m2 molisol 30mm thick cladding to exterior and interior wall.
  • Manufacture and install 30m2 black granite 30mm thick to stall risers to exterior walls.
  • Manufacture and install black granite to front steps with stainless steel inserts.
  • Manufacture and install 1200x1200 molisol water jet cut panel  to entrance.
  • Install 60m2 porcelain tiles to entrance foyer, lifts and carpet surround.
  • Manufacture and install 20 treads and risers from porcelain tiles to staircase.


Private Residence (Wentworth private estate)

Package includes

  • Manufacture and install 2 bathrooms in bookmatched Carrera marble, these include solid shower trays, solid bath surrounds, vanity units, splashbacks and  wall linings.
  • Manufacture and install 30mm verde jade vanity unit to ground floor toilet.
  • Manufacture and install 4 silestone kitchen worktops and splashbacks.
  • Manufacture and install polished crème marfil to staff bathroom
  • Manufacture and install polished bookmatched Diana royale marble to bathroom.
  • Manufacture and install 40m2 600x300 French limestone to staff kitchen floor.
  • Manufacture and install 30m2 600x300 French limestone to 2 ensuite bathrooms with matching profiled skirting's

Works in progress


Private Residence (Tregunter Road -Fulham)

Package includes

  • Manufacture and install 200m2 Rodez limestone to basement pool area, steps and pool edgings included.
  • Manufacture and install 2 blue moleanos staircases
  • Manufacture and install 90m2 blue moleanos to kitchen and corridors
  • Manufacture and install fine grain molienos to entrance foyer.
  • Manufacture and install marble to 8 bathrooms(various materials)
  • Manufacture and install Belgium fossil to 8 fireplace hearths
  • Works in progress



Private Residence London (Egerton Crescent )

Package includes

  • Manufacture and install bookmatched Calacatta Vagli to 2 bathrooms, includes solid shower tray, bath surround and vanity units
  • Manufacture and install 70m2 polished AAA quality thassos to master bathrooms, includes solid shower tray, bath surrounds and vanity unit. 


Works in progress 


Works include

Manufacture and install 50mm thick precast terrazzo to form first ever retractable platfrom access lift in the country.


Various Examples of Completed Vanity Units and Counter Tops


Various Kitchen Worktops


Various completed bathrooms


Various staircases and steps manufactured and installed by Janatti


Various Bespoke works completed by Janatti. Items such as solid fireplaces, marble sinks, fountains,architraves etc


Various small works completed by Janatti

Please click the link below for a list of projects completed.