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Heals And Co

Heals consisted of supplying, manufacturing and installing new panels. Janatti also re-grouted the entire floor which was not being replaced. Janatti removed all old and broken panels and made templates of each indivual section. Panels were manufactured in the factory. 32 Panels were made in total and then were delivered to site. Once delivered the panels were then fixed on bed of sand and cement. The area was then sealed, then grouted and finally resealed.

            The old panels were all re-grouted as these panels  still in reasonable condition as they were under the sheltered area. All the joints were cut out and grout was poured into the joints then sealed afterwards.

Old Panel before Janatti Started

Old Panel Before Janatti Started

Old Panel Before Janatti Started

New panels installed by Janatti.

New look front

Works also included ceramic tiling to toilets, replacement panels to external cladding and repairs to columns.